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The Etc Programme is a scheme for young people who are at, or beyond, secondary school. It builds on the principles, impact, and evidence of Children’s University’s Passport to Learning scheme and applies Children’s University’s long-established framework to the opportunities and activities that are best suited for older children and young people.

By the time a young person turns 18 they will only have spent 9% of their waking life within a classroom. Despite this, the education system is disproportionately focussed on the classroom curriculum. All the certification and records that young people leave school with relate to this formal education, but we know that that’s not the full story. ‘Et cetera’ literally translates as “and the rest” and that’s exactly what The Etc Programme is designed to capture; the story of what they’ve done beyond the classroom highlighting the value, skills and change developed using the rest of their time.

This is a pilot project that is currently only available to invited schools. To find out more contact Children’s University. To see the evidence of impact that underpins this initiative, visit www.childrensuniversity.co.uk/stateofthenation